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Davina E.

Let's Get Naked

May 12, 2018
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Those we dont speak of

4 Feb 15, 2008

Some girls know how to cause a stir. Imagine you're on vacation with the family...maybe mom and dad...maybe the wife and kids...and you're driving through a pristine woodland on your way to a wilderness hotel. Suddenly, as you round the corner, you see a human goddess, brunette, large chested (with deliciously large, dark nipples), and a killer body...and she's not just standing on the side of the road...O no...she's stripping down to her birthday suit right in the middle of the road!

Well, you can experience such a vision if you downlaod this video, and luckily, you can do it in private!

Here she is in her third video, and she's looking as lovely as ever. One of our sexiest young models, Kylie. And all her physical attributes have only improved over time. More beautiful than ever, she's also refined the art of striptease, as she slips off her red robe in the middle of the street, revealing everything to the elements. And we mean everything.

Ready to trip?

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Private Moments

5 Apr 26, 2007

The moving picture is entitled "Private Moments." And it offers just that - some very private moments of a young woman with whom most FEMJOY members are by now familiar. Her name is Olivie, she has long black hair and a fine supple young body, and she is as adorable as anything you've ever seen.

On a large white bed, overlaced with a gauzy white canopy, the morning light streaming in the windows, Olivie plays and talks and stretches. She is wearing nothing. She is shaved. Her hair is dishevelled, like she just woke up, or had a "roll in the hay." But one thing is absolutely certain - this is a young maiden in the prime of her sensual powers, and she has every intention of sharing them with the viewer.

Part of what you're going to get here is an interview with Olivie, as the camera goes in tight and receives her answers to some questions. But you're going to also get much more than that. Astride the white bed cover, Olivie is showing off her body. Of course, she's subtle about it, but it's very clear that what she wants is for you to look at her, to appreciate her, and to perhaps come to her and please her.

Watch this video and understand the longings of a pure angel.

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